05 February 2009

Star struck **Special Feature**

Who knew? Rosie O'Donnell (yes the actress) is on Etsy! She sells these awsome little dolls called munnies that she decorates herself. They're great! I sent her a convo asking if she'd let me feature her shop on my blog. She said yes! However, she went from 7 sales when I convo'ed her to 16 sales at this moment. I wanted to feature her right away (before there's nothing left in her shop). If the link for the item I'm featuring doesn't work, the item probably sold out already. But she keeps listing, so keep checking. Technically, I'm not breaking my 10 sales or less rule because I convo'ed her prior to her 11th sale. :P
Her shop is selling out quickly, so this item might have been sold already. All proceeds go to Rosie's Broadway Kids, an arts education program. You can learn more about the program here http://www.rosiesbroadwaykids.org/
Thanks, Rosie, for letting me feature your shop!


  1. Who knew!! Thanks for sharing that and lucky you!!

  2. ...well...yes...who knew...hope her selling on here gets etsy a higher profile...think she needs to go on oprah and chat about her charities and etsy!