05 February 2009

It's Friday!

MissSideburns helps small business owners (like Etsians) keep track of their business expenses and such. How great is that?!

Great artist. Very life like portraits.

This has penguins on it! I love penguins!!!

I was just thinking "I wish I had some quilters to feature." I checked my list of shops to feature and what do you know? There were two great quilters for today!

This is a powerful piece of art. The description in the listing didn't tell me much however, so I asked the artist for a longer description. Here's what he gave me:

This piece was 1.5 years in development, and has undergone a long evolution. The original version was black + white with neutral/cool tones, and solely depicted the impressionistic energy of a bird of prey in flight. Over time, and likely due to my interest in contemporary US geopolitical affairs, I started to think about an eagle and how it is a universal symbol of America/The United States. As a strong peace advocate, and a critic of the US' arrogant, aggressive involvement in the affairs other countries, I wanted to try to use the "iconic" bald eagle image to say something about the state of US politics today. On the Mexican flag, there is an indigenous-derived image of an eagle holding a snake in it's mouth. The original hieroglyph, however, actually depicts a red ribbon/flag which symbolizes war. I thought it would be interesting to use this eagle + red flag, a depiction of a warlike culture, to juxtapose with a peace message... in order to touch on the contradictions and propaganda used against Americans to get them to subsidize war and death for the pursuit of so-called "peace" in the Middle East. This past year, I also became very interested in the beauty of Arabic typography, so in this painting, the red ribbon forms the Arabic word for "peace". In short, the iconic bald eagle literally brings war, but advertises an ushering of peace. The landscape that the eagle navigates is aggressive, harsh, dangerous, and warlike.

***Please note that the views of the artists I feature on my blog do not necessarily reflect my own. This blog is about arts and crafts, not politics, religion, race or anything else. I feature artists based solely on their art and will not discriminate against any piece of art unless it is blatantly offensive (ie White supremist propaganda, hateful, etc) or simply in bad taste (pornographic art will not be featured, but tasteful nudes may show up).

Disclaimer aside, my pick for today is hollyzhobby! Thanks everyone for letting me show off your great work!

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  1. I love hollyzhobby's quilt!! You always find the coolest stuff.