31 January 2009

Saturday's Picks


Tough choice today. I think cards4ubylouise is my favorite though. Thanks for all the support! Don't forget to convo or email me about sellers you think should be featured!

30 January 2009

Today's Features



My favorite pick for today is ShortBusStuffies.etsy.com The creations in this shop are just too much fun.

First up

I'll be showing off my personal favorite piece from every seller I feature along with a link to their shop.

Incredibly talented artist Nicole Whittaker. It was hard to pick a favorite.



My favorite featured artist today has to be Nicole Whittaker. Her nature scenes are amazing.


I'm a seller on Etsy. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, it's kind of like eBay for crafters.

Lately, I've been incredibly frustrated with Etsy. They do nothing to promote new sellers. There's tons of undiscovered talent out there, and all we ever see is the same old, same old. That's not to say that the same old isn't great stuff. There are a lot of wonderful sellers on Etsy with amazing products, but I want to find the newest sellers. I want people to see what the rest of us make, not just what's on the front page week after week.

If you are a seller on Etsy with fewer than 10 sales or if you know someone who is, let me know. I'd love to feature them. Of course, I won't be able to get everyone on my blog, but I'll be trying. Send me a convo through Etsy or email me at jewelrybyjozie@yahoo.com

Don't forget to visit my Etsy shop at jewelrybyjozie.etsy.com

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