30 March 2009

Special Feature!

I'm excited to start a new feature for my blog. Etsy sellers are an interesting and diverse lot. There are so many people from different walks of life. If you're anything like me, you want to know more about the people you're buying from. Everyone has a story to tell. I'd like to introduce you to JeweLAWryStore today.

The artist behind JeweLAWryStore is Tracy. Tracy is a Navy JAG (Judge Advocate General's Corps) currently serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. While it is a difficult assignment, she does enjoy her job. Like any job, there are good days and bad.

Tracy has been married for almost 7 years. When she's not deployed, she lives with her husband and their dog in Rhode Island.
While she hasn't been making jewelry for very long, she says she's always been artistic. As a child, she would crochet and cross-stitch. While stationed in San Diego, she picked up pottery-making. After developing a cyst in her wrist, she was forced to give it up in order to allow her wrist to heal. While she rarely wears jewelry herself, she's always had a desire to create her own. So she picked up a beginner's kit and went from there.
She often gets her inspiration from the beads themselves. One of her favorite things is hunting yard sales to find older or forgotten pieces that she can "upcycle" into new jewelry. While she hasn't been able to do that overseas, she has found some interesting beads from the local bazaar.
Her friends compare her to a raccoon always playing with shiny objects. Tracy loves to pick up random beads and piece them together to make something wearable. Her designs can often reflect her moods. The fact that she can finish most pieces in one sitting is a definite plus.

While jewelry (and her job) holds most of her focus now days, Tracy also has a passion for photography. She’s trying to document her deployment on her blog (linked below). Her workload is heavy right now, but she’s still managing to keep up 2-3 posts per week.
Don’t worry about the time it could take to receive a piece from Tracy. It’s not actually being shipped from overseas. Tracy creates and photographs the pieces she makes and then lists them once her husband in Rhode Island receives them. Once the item sells, he’s the one who ships it.
Tracy will be back home this summer, so expect more jewelry soon. And be sure to check out her blog at http://tracysadventuresinafghanistan..blogspot.com/

Do you have questions for Tracy? Let me know. I’m going to try to do a follow-up once she’s home.

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24 March 2009

I'm back

I took a little vacation while my fiance and I had a friend visiting from Vegas. Unfortunately, once she went home, I forgot to update my blog. I've been very busy lately, but I promise I'm going to try to make this part of my daily routine.

I've been trying to make some major life changes. Things are going to be rocky for a bit here, but as soon as they smooth over, I'll be back to updating regularly. I won't bore you unnecessarily with the details since this blog isn't about me.
So, here are today's picks (finally!).

I'm no longer picking a favorite because it's just too hard. Every shop I feature is just great. There are so many talented artists on Etsy.
Thanks again everyone. I'm so sorry for being gone so long. Take care!

03 March 2009





Today's pick is GracieJewellery.

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01 March 2009


Today's pick is PatsyMole.

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24 February 2009






My pick for today is prettypionidesigns. Thanks everyone!

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23 February 2009

Finally back! It's Monday.

These are probably the coolest pin cushions I've seen so far.



Great shop name! lol

One word- Amazing.

CherylsJewelry is my pick for today. I wish I could make jewelry like that.

Thanks for everyone's patience. Yes, I'm feeling much better now. I have a lot of catching up to do, so I may decide to wait a little while on doing some of my special features.

21 February 2009

Long, unexpected absence

I got sick. Strept throat took me from work all this week. Not to worry. Several days of antibiotics later and I'm feeling much better. I'll be back to showing off new shops tomorrow. Sorry I wasn't here this week.

14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm taking the night off to spend time with my sweetie. I'll be back at it tomorrow though.

Today is the last day that I'll take votes for your favorite featured seller. Vote now!

13 February 2009

Friday the 13th! Eek!






My pick for today is ingramcecil. The necklace is so natural looking. I really love crystals.

Remember, tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favorite featured seller. Let me know who you would like to see featured again! Thanks!

12 February 2009

It's Thursday!

I simply can't understand why this shop doesn't have more sales. These are so beautiful!

This is something I've never seen before. A skirt that looks almost like you're wearing pants.
Absolutely beautiful.

Did I mention my favorite color is blue? hehe

These are just so cute!

My pick for today is SuperiorStones. Lake Superior (which is where the stones come from) is one of my favorite places. Wearing one of these necklaces is wearing a piece of that beautiful lake. You can keep it with you always.

Thanks again everyone! Beautiful shops.

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11 February 2009



I just love the use of color here.


My pick for today is lisagradydesigns. Thanks everyone!

And I would like to thank everyone for their concerns reguarding my health. I have good days, and I have bad days. My condition is chronic, but I try not to let it stop me from doing the things I want to do. We all have our hurdles to cross. Some of us jump over those hurdles with ease. Some of us have to teach ourselves to fly to get over them.

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